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Simply put, Dealflow is a private list of promising startups currently raising funding that VC firms & angel investors subscribe to β€” startups get listed 100% free-of-cost (no pay-to-play, in the interest of fairness and quality).


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Get Dealflow is a database of promising startups across industries that are currently raising funding. Here’s a demo of what you can expectβ€”


Who are we? Who's behind Get Dealflow?

7+ years of pitch deck expertise, over $2B+ raised. From award-winning startups (ie. Y-Combinator, Thiel Fellow Alums) and Fortune 100 incubators to investment banks & 9-figure real estate funds, we worked with the cream of the crop: nearly 200 deals/year.

We have always aimed to be fair & affordable: we charge a flat-fee for our design services, but we’re not brokers, so we were seldom able to make referrals to investors. Thus, GetDealflow was born.

How does this work?

Our goal is to make this simple & fair. Startups pay nothing β€” anyone who works with us (VIP Graphics, or any of our several sister companies) to create a pitch deck gets listed for free. No pay-to-play (in the interest of quality & ethics).

Venture capital firms pay $199/mo. Angel investors pay $99/mo. No complicated plans: you can save 10% by paying for a year. It’s that simple! You’ll get access to the full list (including current & past fundraising rounds) immediately.

How many startups? How often does it get updated?

We don’t limit the list’s length, but it’s around 60+ startups currently (and always growing). The objective is to make this an accessible & curated list of well-vetted startup investment opportunities.

You will receive a monthly email digest with a shortlist of new startups added to the list. You can sign up free below to try the trial (which is an abridged / redacted excerpt of the paid subscription).

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