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Top 13 AI investors & VC firms

  Artificial intelligence has been one of the most rapidly evolving and disruptive technologies of…

Top 15 investors & VC firms in Dubai

Dubai's burgeoning startup scene has become a hotbed for venture capitalists and investors on the…

Top 15 investors & VC firms in Manila

The Philippines' startup ecosystem has gained significant traction recently, with global investors taking note of…
Top 15 investors & VC firms in Delhi
Top 15 investors & VC firms in Riyadh
Top 15 investors & VC firms in New York
9-step guide to investor outreach
What to include in your startup’s investor data room
43 VC firms that invest in diverse founders

Top VCs & Accelerators List

Free list of 484+ VC funds & startup accelerators

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Investor Database: 6,000 VC Firms

Database of 6,100+ VCs & investment firms

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Investor Contacts List: 2,200 VC’s

Database of 2,200+ VCs & investment firms (with contact info.)

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Ultimate Investor Database: 5,000+ VCs, investment funds, etc.

Ultimate Investor Database

Database of 215,000+ VCs and investors

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State Small Business Credit – Funding Database

Free database of 31+ states with over $900M in SSBCI funding

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Angel Capital Association Investor Directory

Free directory of 280+ angel investor associations

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Equity-Free Startup Accelerator Database

Free database of 101+ equity-free startup accelerators

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Healthtech Startup Resources

Free list of 645+ resources for health tech startups: accelerators, investors, & more

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US Family Offices Databases

US Family Offices Database

List of 1,432+ family offices in the US

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Free Ivy League Courses for Founders

List of 380+ free Ivy League courses for startup founders

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