3D Hands: Gestures ✌🏽 Illustration Kit

A collection of 3D hand gestures in multiple styles, skin tones, and formats.

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The 3D Hands set comes with a collection of easy to use hands in various skin tones, poses and style — perfect to add life and emotions into any design. These could come in handy when hinting on buttons or aiding with UX; bring a cutting-edge, modern feel to your designs with these simple gestures.

Inspiration comes from everywhere; we’re here to make it easy to add some fun to any project. Our new pack of 3D hand gestures (both static PNG & animated HTML) can be used in a wide range of designs. Use them in mobile apps, websites, banners & posters and anywhere else imaginable. With several styles and multiple skin tones, you’ll always have something that fits the bill. Here are some hand gestures you can expect:

  • Wave Sign: say hello!
  • Handshake: two hands shaking
  • Thumbs Up & Down: demonstrate your appreciation!
  • Pointer: callout UI hints & key information
  • Peace Sign: greet new & returing users
  • Fist Bump: show rapport with your audience
  • & more coming soon… (FREE updates for life)

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The 3D hands package contains 6+ tone variations as hi-res .PNGs, plus original 3D source files in 3 different formats for 7+ essential hand gestures in each format. Your design will get an instant uplift with these trendy 3D hands!

Add some fun to your designs with our brand-new 3D hands collection! Grab it now and enjoy all the benefits.

  • 7+ Unique Gestures
  • 6+ Skin Tone Variations
  • Ultra High-Res Transparent PNG (3K+)
  • 3D Source Files: .OBG, .BLEND. FBX
  • Animated Version: .HTML + .CSS
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