Animated Mobile Mockup Bundle for Adobe XD

Simply drag-n-drop to bring your app designs to life.

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Bring your mobile app designs to life with these live animated mockups featuring clay iPhone for easy drag-n-drop editing and auto-animation features in Adobe XD.

Let your app designs shine with these looped animations: just drag & drop your designs into the XD file to create your own animation in just a few minutes!

  • 3 animated mockups + 7 unique artboards
  • HD+ resolution (2k)
  • Easy drag-n-drop editing (.XD)
  • Simple <5MB file (no complex export settings or GBs of files) 
  • Customizable zoom, backgrounds, & styles
  • Pixel-perfect edge wrap & automatic bleed
  • Help instructions (available in document)
Download NowDownload Nowvia Gumroad