Google Sheets Habit Tracker + Dashboard

Spreadsheet-based dashboard template for Google Sheets. Pay once, use forever: track your goals & habits.

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Track your goals & habits on a week-to-week basis with this easy-to-use & flexible Habit Tracker Dashboard template for Google Sheets.

Wish you had one place where you could easily track all your top-level habits and goals? This Google Sheets Dashboard + Habit Tracker template is what you’ve been searching for.

Track your personal &/or business goals and view your performance with a customizable & automated dashboard that you can easily integrate with any existing spreadsheet.

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Traditional dashboard tools are too overwrought, expensive, and tedious to manage. Ever wish you could sync all your goal planning and habit tracking spreadsheets to one place? With this 100%-customizable Google Sheets Dashboard template, you can do exactly that & more!

Tried & tested dashboard: created by a six-figure agency

This template was copied directly from the Google Sheet used to track habits and goals at a six-figure Fortune 100 agency. Enjoy the ease-of-use and flexibility of a spreadsheet-based dashboard, packed with powerful features including:

  • Automated dashboard for goals & habits
  • “No-code” settings tab
  • Customizable weekly habit tracker
  • Template for integrating other sheets
  • Dark and light mode version
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Year + month progress bar
  • & much more!

You’ll be sure to use this spreadsheet on a daily basis to stay on top of your goals and habits β€” we still do ourselves!

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Pay $35 just *once*, not $100’s per month!

This is not a subscription: pay just once, and get your own dashboard for life!

Realistically, this product could’ve been priced at $200+ β€” for comparison, the most popular dashboard tools like Geckboard cost hundreds of dollars every month.

Streamline your goal tracking & make it easier to keep tabs on your business or personal goals with this robust and flexible Google Sheets dashboard template.

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Enjoy lifetime updatesΒ free

We’re constantly updating this product: we use this very same Google Sheets template every day for our own businesses, and are always making improvements!

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NOTE: Re-sharing or distribution is strictly not permitted: each purchase is for only one (1) user. We closely monitor duplications: any violators will face legal action and will be reported + permanently banned.

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