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Quick & Easy Editing

All elements are fully-editable with PowerPoint (.pptx) or Keynote (.key) โ€“ no special experience or plugins required.

Versatile & Unique Design

1-click color schemes, 120+ stunning slides, 30+ eBook pages, 20+ Instagram posts = 1,500+ individual components.

Proven Track Record

Created by Fortune 100 slide design consultants with a 9-figure track record of success.

ย ย 
Built for PowerPoint & Keynote.

Easily edit..


Stunning, versatile slides



Magazine-style pages



Instagram templates

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Unique creative elements
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The ULTIMATEย COURSE CREATOR bundle is the complete toolkit of easy-to-edit and professional templates for building & marketing your course or webinar: featuring two 60-slide Course and Webinar Slide Deck templates, plus a 30-page magazine-style eBook and Instagram carousel posts! No special software (ie. Photoshop, Canva) needed โ€” simply open in PowerPoint to edit, and export to PDF in one click!

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1.ย WEBINAR SLIDE DECK / PRESENTATIONย is perfect for webinars, marketing presentations, training & courses. With 60+ unique slides tailored specifically for webinars โ€” from text & metric-focused slides to case studies & upsells to close the deal, you can be sure to deliver an a visual & engaging webinar using this template.

The slides are organized into 9 different course & webinar-specific categories โ€” this gives you plenty of choices to craft a stunning, modern and professional slide deck for your webinar โ€” with or without video content.

Developed for business owners, digital software & product companies, and course creators, the Webinar Slide Deck Template for PowerPoint + Keynote is the easiest way to create an elegant and modern slide deck that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. Use this template to build professional webinars, lead generation documents, or even a beautiful marketing presentation.

* * *

2. COURSE / WEBINAR SLIDE DECK The Course & Webinar Slide Deck Template is perfect for webinars, courses and marketing presentations. With 60+ unique slides tailored specifically for courses โ€” from intro & chapter covers to case study & upsell slide, you can be sure to get your message across in a visual & engaging format using this template.

The slides are organized into 8 different course & webinar-specific categories (ie. Chapter Covers, Checklists & Processes, Upsells, Quotes, Statistics) โ€” this gives you plenty choices in creating a beautiful, modern and professional slide deck for your course with or without video content.

Make sure you’re providing the best experience for your courses and webinars by using this elegantly designed template. This bundle was built for PowerPoint and includes a Keynote versions, so you can easily edit it to suit your needs without any additional software!

* * *

3. EBOOK TEMPLATE This eBook Lead Magnet is a multipurpose template ideal for business owners who want to grow their email list with opt-in freebies.& create lead magnets. Features include 30 unique slides, fully customizable & editable with no extra software needed (edit in PowerPoint โ€” don’t bother with Canva, InDesign, or Photoshop) and easy export to PDF (simply click “Save as”)!

This eBook template includes 30 editable Letter-sized PowerPoint slides, including multiple pre-formatted options for table of contents, title and chapter pages. The entire presentation is based off a slide master layout, so you can easily extend the layouts even without duplicating. Easily customize the background, font color & size on every slide master to create endless design possibilities.

* * *
4. INSTAGRAM CAROUSEL A modern & eye-catching Instagram carousel template, with bold layouts & a two-tone color scheme: perfect for sharing how-to’s, walkthroughs, and “longform” content on your Instagram feed. Stand out with this vibrant template’s eye-catching geometric elements and minimalist typography โ€” perfect your posts and visual aesthetic.

Works perfectly in both square (1:1) and vertical (1:1.25) aspect ratio, with 20 unique variations to choose from. Stand out from the crowd with these incredibly easy-to-use templates: simply drag-n-drop to add your imagery and or click to customize text.

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Key features

  • 16:9 Aspect ratio | A4 Print | Full HD
  • 1-Click* Font & Color Themes (10+)
  • Multi-purpose diagrams & infographics
  • Editable maps, charts & graphs
  • Easy drag-n-drop / replace images
  • 100% Resizable and Editable Vector Graphic

Webinar Deck:ย 

  • 60+ Fully Unique, Creative Slides
  • 600+ Modern Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint & Keynote
  • Hi-Resolution / 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Course Slide Deck:ย 

  • 60+ Fully Unique, Creative Slides
  • 600+ Modern Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint & Keynote

eBook Template:

  • 30+ Modern And Creative Slides
  • 100+ Unique Graphic Elements
  • Compatible with PowerPoint
  • Print Resolution, Letter (8.5ร—11″) Size

Instagram Carousel Template:

  • 20 design variations
  • 4 unique carousels:
  • 1:1.25 aspect ratio; crops seamlessly to 1:1
  • All-in-one lightweight Figma file
  • Easy drag-n-drop editing

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This is what you call gold! Thank you for these great templates

โ€“ Asela A.

Really helpful, immaculate

Many thanks…I purchased the 4-in-1 bundle. I work at a startup and these are really helpful. Especially the Silicon Pitch Deck looks immaculate. โ€“ Chris T. Verified Customer

Quality slides

Great collection of really quality slides – well done! ๐Ÿ™‚ โ€“ TAG Dart Verified Customer


Great job! Really love the presentation. โ€“ Fulton M.

Love the design

Amazing work! I love the design, simple but beautiful. โ€“ Owen A.

Quality slides

Really great work! Excellent templates. โ€“ Maggie M.

Trusted by the best & the biggest!

Cutting-edge slides created for & used by leading companies & startups.

Versatile slides & styles

Based on decks that closed millions.

Our team creates hundreds of slide decks for cutting-edge organizations โ€” from publicly-traded and Fortune 500 corporations to high-growth startups and VCs. This template draws from an analysis of 100+ decks we've created, across industries & around the world.

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How do I know this is right for me?

This course bundle is perfect for creators & coaches preparing new courses, webinars, and tutorials.

With this all-in-1 presentation bundle, youโ€™ll be able to craft a stunning and complete digital course. Leverage infographics, diagrams, and charts to effectively present your content and engage subscribers. This course deck template was crafted in PowerPoint by expert consultants with Fortune 500 and award-winning startup experience, and a track record of creating presentations that have closed over $100M+.

Take advantage of this course bundle to effortlessly design your next course, create visually-engaging presentations, and launch your next product faster!

Do I need any specific knowledge or special skills to use this?

You donโ€™t have to be an expert or a design to create a stunning course with this versatile presentation bundle. Our course deck kit makes it easy for even the most novice presenter to impress.

Just add your content and images and our sophisticated course deck will do all the work, providing an engaging overview of your content, captivating your audience, and sharing your insights.

How do I use this presentation template?

All of our templates are editable with PowerPoint or Keynote. We focused on making it simple to use and customize. This presentation is designed for the highest ease-of-editing, with 1-click themes in PowerPoint so you can easily apply your branding to all the slides. Just add your content, drag-n-drop photos, and change color/fonts with a few clicks as desired, and you’ll be ready to present!

What software do I need?

All of our templates are editable with PowerPoint or Keynote. We focused on making it simple to use and customize.

Can I customize / edit this pitch deck?

Most certainly! The presentation is 100% editable — no layout limitations or extra add-ons required. All the slides and diagrams are completely editable in PowerPoint so you can adapt every slide to your liking.

Do you help with financial modeling?

Yes, certainly! Our team has helped create pitch decks & financial models that have closed over $100M in deals & investments for companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to Y Combinator startups.

Check out our top-rated financial model templates here, or feel free to reach out to us via email or Behance if you’re looking for custom services.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds: all sales are final โ€“ these files are instantly available digital downloads and cannot be returned. Please feel free to contact us with any questions; thank you!

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