Vintage Lightroom Preset Bundle

Authentically vintage presets for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile.

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This versatile Retro Lightroom Presets pack contains 4+ vintage presets you can use with the free Lightroom mobile app, Lightroom Desktop, or in the Photoshop ACR panel. These old-school style presets offer vintage & rustic looks with 4 unique preset files including…

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Create beautiful photography, and a consistent look for your brand. Our presets help you elevate your photo-editing & brand to the next level.

All of our presets have been tested on several different images and create an amazing look with just one click for most images. Presets will look differently on all images depending on lighting situations and background colors β€” it is normal to make some adjustments after applying a preset.

  • 4Β Unique Presets
  • 5Β Preset Files in 2 Formats:
  • LightroomΒ Mobile Presets iPhone and Android (.DNG)
  • LightroomΒ Desktop (CC) template (.XMP)
  • AdobeΒ Photoshop CCΒ 2014-2018 and above (.XMP)
  • Tested onΒ hundredsΒ of real-life photos
Download NowDownload Nowvia Gumroad

The versatile and unique Retro Lightroom Preset bundle provides amazing results at a low, fair price. The widely varied set of presets are perfect for any kind of photos: lifestyle, portraiture, landscape, etc.

Render your images in a classic and rustic look with amazing skin tones and slightly desaturated yet vibrant colors. These presets will give a consistent vintage look to your images, blog or social feed. Feel free to adjust the parameters of exposure, grain, and more in each preset to suit your editing needs.