Simple Mockups: Animated 3D Screens for XD

Just drag-n-drop to animate your screens & designs

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Bring your designs to life with these simple animated 3D mockups for XD. Just drag-n-drop to edit, leveraging the new 3D transform and Auto-Animate features in Adobe XD. The screens are easy to change and perfectly setup for both desktop & mobile designs (16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio).

Let your creative shine with these dynamic mockups: just drag in your designs to create your own animated showcase in just a few minutes!

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  • 12 unique animated scenes + 4 base components
  • 4K+ resolution (4000px width × 2000 – 3000px height)
  • Dark + light version of background scenes
  • Easy drag-n-drop editing (.XD)
  • Simple <20MB file (no complex export settings or GBs of files) 
  • Customizable zoom, backgrounds, & styles
  • Pixel-perfect edge wrap & automatic bleed
  • Help instructions (available in document)
Download NowDownload Nowvia Gumroad