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Establishing consistent brand guidelines is the key to delivering a professional & compelling presentation.Β 

Did you download a template or create a black-and-white presentation that you want to theme to match your company branding? Doing so is as easy as copy & paste in PowerPoint:

Learn how to apply your custom branding guidelines to any PPT in under 2 minutes using the built-in font & color theme feature of PowerPoint.

Fortunately, PowerPoint makes it easy to control font & color styling across your entire presentation in just a few clicks. Learn how in this short 130-second video!

How to custom brand your PowerPoint:

  • 0:000:09 Intro
  • 0:090:16 Microsoft Office themes feature
  • 0:160:27 Existing template & theme
  • 0:270:39 Eye dropper colors from logo / brand book
  • 0:390:49 Copy HEX codes for all colors
  • 0:490:59 Go to Design > Variants > Colors > CustomizeΒ 
  • 0:591:15 Paste in HEX codes to replace
  • 1:151:32 PowerPoint automatically re-colors all your slides
  • 1:321:44 Go to Design: Variants: Fonts + Customize fonts
  • 1:441:50 Update fonts to match logo / brand book
  • 1:502:10 Final tweaks (ie. text box widths, replace logos)Β 

To summarize, there are 3 key steps to custom brand your PowerPoint with Microsoft Office font & color themes:

  1. Copy the color (HEX codes) and typography (font families) guidelines from your logo or brand book.
  2. Create a custom Font Theme & Color Theme in PowerPoint with the colors & fonts from the first step.
  3. Voila! PowerPoint will automatically update all your slides with the new fonts & colors, to match your branding.
Download the template