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Slides that close deals™ — expert-designed pitch deck templates based on 100+ investors presentations that closed over $200M for high-growth startups and Fortune 100 companies. Browse templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, Figma, and more:

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Silicon Pitch Deck Template for PowerPoint: Slides that closed millions for Startups

Silicon Pitch Deck

based on 100+ decks that closed $84M+ 

$49+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Accelerator Pitch Deck: for Incubators & Contests

Powerful slides designed to win pitch contests & accelerators.

$27+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Demo Day Pitch Deck – 3min Investor Presentation

Demo day pitch deck template for early-stage startups

$18+ for for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

A pitch deck template for startups and founders | VIP.graphics

Series A Pitch Deck

built for startups seeking Series A funding

$20+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPT, .KEY)

Perfect Pitch Deck™ — M&A, PE, Hedge Funds

Slides for pitching M&A, PE, VC & hedge funds

$25+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Fund Pitch Deck Template – for VC, PE, RE, etc.

Fund pitch deck template for raising LP capital for investment funds.

$31+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Tech Pitch Deck Templates:

AI Pitch Deck

Professional-grade pitch deck template for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning startups

$21+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Software & SaaS Pitch Deck

for software & SaaS startups

$27+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Construction & Hardware Pitch Deck

Pitch deck template for construction & hardware innovators.

$27+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Fintech Pitch Deck Template - Startup Technology Presentation | VIP.graphics

Fintech Pitch Deck

Built for fintech startups & financial services

$19+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPT, .KEY)

Big Data Pitch Deck

Expert-designed pitch deck template for big data startups (ie. data lakes, reverse ETL)

$23+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Cybersecurity Pitch Deck

Professional-grade pitch deck template for cybersecurity & data protection companies.

$23+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Crypto & Blockchain Pitch Deck Templates:
Crypto Pitch Deck Template - Blockchain Investor Presentation | VIP.graphics

Crypto Pitch Deck

eye-catching slides for crypto startups

$22+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

NFT Presentation

Presentation template for NFTs & Web3

$23+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Web3 Pitch Deck

The perfect pitch template for Web3 startups, dApps, DAOs & more.

$25+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Real Estate Pitch Deck Templates:
Real Estate Presentation Template for PowerPoint & Keynote| VIP.graphics

Real Estate Presentation

slides built specifically for real estate

$19+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Real Estate Investment Offering Memorandum Template

Real estate investment offering memorandum PPT template: perfect for hospitality & retail developments

$17+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

PropTech Pitch Deck Template

Presentation template for pitching PropTech startups to investors & partners.

$23+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Hotel & Resort / Travel Pitch Deck Template

Slides designed just for hotel and resort or travel brands.

$21+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Health & Wellness Pitch Deck Templates:

Biotech Pitch Deck

Expert-designed pitch deck template for biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical startups

$22+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Health & Medicine Pitch Presentation Template for PowerPoint & Keynote - Healthcare, MedTech, Medical Devices | VIP.graphics

Health & Medicine Deck

for pioneers of health, medicine & wellness

$18+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Medical Pitch Deck Template

Professional pitch deck template for startups in the medical space (ie. biotech, healthtech)

$19+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Wellness Pitch Deck

The perfect pitch template for wellness and holistic health startups.

$24+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Wellness Marketplace Pitch Deck

A pitch deck investor presentation template for marketplaces & wellness brands.

$29+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

CANNA Pitch Deck Template

For the next big idea in cannabis, hemp, or CBD.

$22+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Food & CPG Pitch Deck Templates:
Food & Beverage Presentation Pitch PowerPoint Keynote Template | VIP.graphics

Food & Beverage Deck

impress investors, retailers, and partners

$19+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Retailer & Distributor Pitch Deck

Presentation template for CPG brands pitching retailer & distributors

$28+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Retail & eCommerce Pitch Deck

Pitch deck template for retail & eCommerce startups

$28+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Restaurant & Spirits Pitch Deck Template

52+ slides for pitching your restaurant or spirits business.

$20+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Liquor & Spirits Pitch Deck Template

Expert-designed presentation template built for liquor & spirits brands and beverage manufacturers.

$32+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Beauty Pitch Deck

Pitch deck template for the beauty industry (ie. cosmetics, skincare, fashion).

$21+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Planogram Retail Store Shelf Template | VIP.graphics

Planogram Template

easy-to-use retail schematic / planogram 

$8+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Film & Entertainment Pitch Deck Templates:

Film & TV Pitch Deck Template

Designed for pitching film & TV screenplays

$20+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Gaming & eSports Pitch Deck

Captivating pitch deck for Gaming & eSports startups

$27+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Video Game Studio Pitch Deck

Presentation template for game studios pitching publishers and investors.

$23+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Music Startup App Pitch Presentation Slide Deck | VIP.graphics

Music App Startup Deck

present the next big idea in music & tech

$15+ for PowerPoint, Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Agency Proposal Presentation Template

Nail your agency’s next proposal presentation.

$20+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Sustainability & Social Impact Pitch Deck Templates:

Sustainability Pitch Deck

Slides that close deals.™ The perfect pitch template for sustainability startups.

$24+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Cleantech Pitch Deck

Expert-designed pitch deck template for cleantech & renewable energy startups.

$24+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

EdTech Pitch Deck

Investor pitch deck template for EdTech & eLearning startups

$29+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Nonprofit Pitch Deck

Expert-designed pitch deck template for nonprofits & social good initiatives.

$24+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Pitch Deck Templates for Figma & Canva:

Canva Pitch Deck

Captivating, expert-designed pitch deck template for Canva

$22+ for Canva

Figma Pitch Deck

Expert-designed pitch deck template for Figma: purpose-built slides that closed $100M+

$25+ for for Figma (.FIG)

Fluent Emoji + Figma Presentation Template

An eye-catching presentation template for Figma, featuring Microsoft’s “Fluent Emoji” 3D icons.

$24+ for for Figma (.FIG)

Example Pitch Deck Templates:

Airbnb Pitch Deck Template

Powerful 15-slide template based on the iconic original Airbnb pitch deck.

$2+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

Pitch deck template adapted from leading Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Guy Kawasaki.

$11+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

YC Pitch Deck Template

Proven pitch deck template, adapted from the startup experts at Y-Combinator.

$9+ for GSlides, PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Uber Pitch Deck

Proven pitch deck template adapted from Uber.

$19+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Sequoia Pitch Deck

Proven pitch deck template adapted from Sequoia Capital

$14+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Snapchat Pitch Deck

Proven pitch deck template adapted from Snapchat

$14+ for PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

Facebook Pitch Deck Template

Based on Facebook’s 2004 media kit for pitching their platform

$18+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Doordash Pitch Deck Template

Based on Doordash’s $2.4M Seed pitch deck from YC Demo Day

$18+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

WeWork Pitch Deck Template

Based on WeWork’s $355M Series D investor deck

$19+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Brex Pitch Deck Template

Pitch deck template adapted from Brex’s $57M Series B investor presentation.

$20+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Dropbox Pitch Deck Template

Presentation template based on the Dropbox $1.2M seed pitch deck (led by Sequoia Capital)

$18+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Tinder Pitch Deck Template

Pitch deck template adapted from Tinder’s early-stage investor presentation

$18+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

BuzzFeed Pitch Deck Template

Redesigned template for BuzzFeed’s original Series A pitch deck

$22+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Marketplace Pitch Deck

for marketplace businesses

$21+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Buffer Pitch Deck

Pitch deck template based on Buffer’s $500k seed pitch deck

$20+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Mixpanel Pitch Deck

Pitch deck template based on Mixpanel’s original $65M Series B deck

$19+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

LinkedIn Pitch Deck Template

Pitch deck template adapted from LinkedIn’s $10M Series B investor presentation

$27+ for PowerPoint (.PPTX)

Pitch Deck Base Template

Sleek and flexible templates for all the basic slides that should be included in an investor pitch deck.

$14+ for GSlides, PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

First Round Capital Pitch Deck

Proven pitch deck template adapted from top seed-stage investor First Round Capital’s investor presentation formula.

$12+ for GSlides, PowerPoint & Keynote (.PPTX, .KEY)

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How do I know this is right for me?

This pitch deck template is perfect for entrepreneurs presenting new businesses & startups to investors, partners, and customers.

With this all-in-1 presentation template, you’ll be able to craft a stunning and convincing overview of your business and/or opportunity. Leverage infographics, diagrams, and charts to effectively present your business plan to investors & prospects. This pitch deck template was crafted in PowerPoint by expert consultants based on 100+ winning decks that closed over $100M+.

Take advantage of this pitch deck template to effortlessly design presentations, create visually-engaging reports, and close deals faster!

Do I need any specific knowledge or special skills to use this?

You don’t have to be an expert or a design to create a stunning pitch with this versatile presentation template. Our pitch deck kit makes it easy for even the most novice presenter to impress.

Just add your content and images and our sophisticated pitch deck will do all the work, providing an engaging overview of your company’s traction, predictions the for future, and an action plan for growth.

How do I use this presentation template?

All of our templates are editable with PowerPoint or Keynote. We focused on making it simple to use and customize. This presentation is designed for the highest ease-of-editing, with 1-click themes in PowerPoint so you can easily apply your branding to all the slides. Just add your content, drag-n-drop photos, and change color/fonts with a few clicks as desired, and you’ll be ready to present!

What software do I need?

All of our templates are editable with PowerPoint or Keynote. We focused on making it simple to use and customize.

Can I customize / edit this pitch deck?

Most certainly! The presentation is 100% editable — no layout limitations or extra add-ons required. All the slides and diagrams are completely editable in PowerPoint so you can adapt every slide to your liking.

Do you help with financial modeling?

Yes, certainly! Our team has helped create pitch decks & financial models that have closed over $100M in deals & investments for companies ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to Y Combinator startups.

Check out our top-rated financial model templates here, or feel free to reach out to us via email or Behance if you’re looking for custom services.

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