Rotato — geometric, modern slab serif font

A modern, geometric slab serif typeface. Available in three weights.

Rotato is a geometric slab-serif typeface that brings versatility to any design. This minimalist but distinctive font is defined by its crisp composition and modern elements — designed for optimal legibility at all sizes. Currently available in all lower case, Rotato leaves an understated impression of elegance & futurism.

Currently available in three standard weights more coming soon:

  • Rotato Bold – Strong and classic
  • Rotato Regular – Elegant and elite
  • Rotato Light – Clean and classy


  • Three (3) Font Weights + Italics
  • Numbers & Punctuation
  • Special Characters

Rotato is a dynamic font that works great across various applications: from branding & logos to technology & fashion — whether in a giant heading, or paragraphs of body text.

Thanks for checking out Rotato; we hope you enjoy using it!

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