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Why create a pitch deck for your film or TV show?

Pitching a film or TV show can be daunting for directors & writers, but a well-crafted pitch deck can make the difference between getting your project greenlit or being left in the slush pile. A pitch deck allows you to visually communicate your story, characters, and tone in a concise and compelling way to potential investors. As streaming platforms and content continue to exponentially grow, it’s more important than ever to stand out from the competition. This article explores the key components of a successful film pitch deck or TV show bible.

If you are not sure where to start, here are a few pitch decks from successful AI startups that you should check out:

What are examples of successful film pitch decks & TV show bibles?

10+ pitch decks that helped raise millions of dollars for film & TV shows:

1) Adventure Time
2) Cosmic Fling
3) Don’t Let Go
4) Father Figurine
5) Hunter’s Creed
6) Normal EPS
7) Pioneers
8) Stranger Things
9) Ultimate Beastmaster

If you are a director or writer seeking funding for your film or TV show but you’re not sure how to write the perfect pitch deck, look no further. This list has 10+ pitch decks and show bibles film and TV shows like Stranger Things and Adventure Time, many of which were backed by names like Netflix. These example pitch decks are perfect for learning more about what makes an effective film or TV pitch deck and how to create your own. When pitching your next project to an investor, your pitch deck will be a vital part of the conversation. Use these winning pitch deck examples as inspiration when crafting your screenplay pitch or show bible:


1. Adventure Time: TV Pitch Deck

The Adventure Time pitch deck showcases the vision and style of Pendleton Ward, a talented animator and storyteller. The deck introduces the main characters, Finn and Jake, and their colorful friends and foes in the Land of Ooo. The deck also highlights the tone and themes of the show, which range from silly and absurd to dark and profound. The deck uses vibrant and expressive illustrations, catchy and clever slogans, and references to pop culture and classic genres to capture the attention and imagination of potential buyers.

2. Cosmic Fling: Film Pitch Deck

Cosmic Fling’s pitch deck was created by Jonathan Heap, an Oscar-nominated director and writer. The deck introduces the main characters, Sam and Stella, who communicate through a radio device that Sam finds on the planet. Highlighting the tone and themes of the show, which blend sci-fi elements with heartfelt humor and emotion, the presentation uses colorful and cartoonish illustrations with witty and clever dialogue to convey the personality and charm of the show.

3. Don’t Let Go: Film Pitch Deck

Don’t Let Go is an original screenplay by award-winning writers Ronana Blaney and David Gleeson. The presentation starts by introducing the main character, Jack, who is haunted by the death of his brother’s family in a seemingly random crime. The deck also highlights the plot and premise of the show, which involves Jack communicating with his niece Ashley through a phone call that transcends time and space. The deck uses dark and dramatic images, tense and suspenseful scenes, and references to similar movies and genres to create a sense of urgency and mystery.

4. Father Figurine: Film Pitch Deck

The Father Figurine pitch deck by Matt Kazman introduces the main characters, the Vensons, who have been torn apart by their father’s disappearance 10 years ago. The deck also highlights the tone and themes of the show, which mix twisted humor with family drama. The deck uses realistic and striking photos, sarcastic and catchy captions, and secrets and mysteries to create a sense of curiosity and conflict.

5. Hunter’s Creed: Film Pitch Deck

The Hunter’s Creed film pitch deck begins by introducing the main character, Dave, who hopes to find peace and closure by reconnecting with his childhood friends on a hunting trip in the woods. The deck also highlights the plot and message of the film, which involve Dave facing a supernatural threat and rediscovering his faith in God. The deck uses scenic and cinematic images, intense and dramatic scenes, and quotes and testimonials to convey the spirit and quality of the film.

6. Normal EPS: Film Pitch Deck

Normal: Emergency Psychiatric Services draws from writer Holly Scarabosi’s thirteen-year career as a psychiatric nurse. The deck introduces the main characters, a team of clinicians who respond to mental health crises in the city. The presentation highlights the tone and themes of the show, which explore the challenges and rewards of their profession, as well as their personal struggles and relationships. The deck uses authentic and emotional images, powerful and poignant stories, and statistics and facts to highlight the relevance and importance of the show.

7. Pioneers: Film Pitch Deck

The Pioneers’ pitch begins by introducing the main characters: two pioneer women in the baking California desert. The presentation continues by highlighting the tone and themes of the show, which depict the hardships and triumphs of their journeys, and how this ties into visual and sound design. The deck uses stunning and realistic images to create a sense of scope and authenticity.

8. Stranger Things: TV Pitch Deck

The Stranger Things pitch deck reveals the inspiration and concept conceived by The Duffer Brothers for the award-winning Netflix series. The deck sets the scene and mood of the show, which takes place in Hawkins, Indiana, in 1983, where a boy goes missing and a mysterious girl appears. The deck also introduces the main characters, such as the boy’s friends, family, and enemies, and hints at the supernatural forces and government secrets that are involved. The deck uses retro and cinematic images, iconic and evocative fonts, and references to classic films and novels to create a sense of nostalgia and intrigue.

9. Ultimate Beastmaster: TV Pitch Deck

The Ultimate Beastmaster pitch deck by Dave Broome presents the premise and structure of the reality show backed by Netflix, which features contestants from six countries who take on “The Beast”, a four-stage obstacle course that tests their physical and mental skills. The deck also introduces the hosts, rules, scoring system, and prizes of the show, and explains how viewers can participate and vote for their favorite athletes. The deck uses dynamic and graphic images, bold and catchy headlines, and statistics and testimonials to highlight the excitement and diversity of the show. Ultimate Beastmaster is a pitch deck that appeals to sports fans and adrenaline junkies.

How-to create your own film & TV pitch deck:

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