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Why create a food & beverage pitch deck?

The food & beverage space has only grown more competitive with the advent of new models & technologies such as app-based & car-side delivery. Nevertheless, there is one common trait shared by all successful startups in the food & beverage industry: all of today’s household name brands once were no-names who had to pitch their ideas to investors or partners.

If you are not sure where to start, here are a few pitch decks from successful food & beverage startups that you should check out:

What are examples of successful food & beverage pitch deck?

Top 6+ Food & Beverage pitch decks

1) Blue Apron
2) Brewpublik
3) Chefs for Seniors
4) Love with Food
5) EnvoyNow
6) Hampton Creek

You’re an entrepreneur with a great idea seeking capital. You want to find a VC to invest in your company but you’re not sure how to write the perfect pitch deck. Look no further. This list has 5+ pitch decks that helped raise millions of dollars for food & beverage startups. These decks are perfect for learning more about what makes an effective pitch deck and how to create your own. When pitching your company to an investor, the deck you present is a vital part of the conversation. Use these 5+ winning pitch decks as inspiration when crafting your investor presentation.

1. Blue Apron Pitch Deck

Year: 2015 •  Amount: $135M •  Round: Series D

Blue Apron is a leading online marketplace for the delivery of quality gourmet ingredients and recipe kits.

About Blue Apron

  • Product Type: Subscription
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Blue Apron Deck

  • Funding Year: 2015
  • Funding Round: Series D
  • Funding Raised: $135M
  • Investor Type: Corporate

2. Brewpublik Pitch Deck

Year: 2015 •  Amount: $255K •  Round: Seed

Brewpublik provides high-quality craft beer to homes and offices.

About Brewpublik

  • Product Type: E-commerce
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Brewpublik Deck

  • Funding Year: 2015
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $255K
  • Investor Type: VC

3. Chefs for Seniors Pitch Deck

Year: 2016 •  Amount: $125K •  Round: Seed

Chefs for Seniors provides senior citizens with grocery shopping and in-house meal preparation.

About Chefs for Seniors

  • Product Type: Other
  • Business Model: C2C

About the Chefs for Seniors Deck

  • Funding Year: 2016
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $125K
  • Investor Type: Unknown

4. Love with Food Pitch Deck

Year: 2014 •  Amount: $1.4M •  Round: Seed

Love With Food helps food brands and CPGs to ensure that they are reaching their target customers using a combination of survey data, whitepaper creation, and media outreach.

About Love with Food

  • Product Type: Subscription
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Love with Food Deck

  • Funding Year: 2014
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $1.4M
  • Investor Type: Unknown

5. EnvoyNow Pitch Deck

Year: 2016 •  Amount: $1M •  Round: Seed

EnvoyNow is the first on-demand food delivery startup that gives students a way to get quality meals without having to shop for ingredients or cook.

About EnvoyNow

  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the EnvoyNow Deck

  • Funding Year: 2016
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $1M
  • Investor Type: Unknown

6. Hampton Creek Pitch Deck

Year: •  Amount: $23M •  Round: Series B

Currently operating under EAT JUST Inc, Hampton Creek is an American food manufacturing company that produces plant-based meals. The company received $500.000 in seed funding in December 2011 from Khosla Ventures.After relocating to San Francisco in June 2012, the company received another $1.5 million in a Series A round.On February 17, 2014, the company announced it had raised $23 million series B funding.‍

About Hampton Creek

  • Product Type:
  • Business Model:

About the Hampton Creek Deck

  • Funding Year:
  • Funding Round: Series B
  • Funding Raised: $23M
  • Investor Type:

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How-to create your own food or beverage pitch deck:

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