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Why create a gaming or eSports pitch deck?

Startups that are involved in the gaming or eSports space are entering a nascent & highly-competitive space driven by content & branding. There is one thing that all successful gaming and eSports startups have in common: they once were no-names who had to pitch their ideas to investors or partners.

If you are not sure where to start, here are a few pitch decks from successful gaming and eSports companies that you should check out:

What are examples of successful gaming pitch decks?

8+ pitch decks that helped raise millions of dollars for gaming & eSports startups:

1) SandboxVR
2) GamerzClass
3) Tamatem
4) Hearo.Live
5) ZIO Studios
6) Juked
7) Fanatiz

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking capital for your gaming or eSports startup, but don’t know where to start for the perfect pitch deck, then look no further—

This list has over eight pitch decks from leading names in the gaming and eSports space like SandboxVR and GamerzClass, or you can browse the full database here. These decks are perfect for learning more about what makes an effective pitch deck and how to create your own. When pitching your company to an investor, the deck you present is a vital part of the conversation. Use these 8+ winning pitch deck examples as inspiration when crafting your investor presentation.

1. SandboxVR Pitch Deck

Year: 2019 •  Amount: $68M •  Round: Series A

Sandbox VR is a leading virtual reality development company that designs a futuristic VR experience for groups of up to 6 where you can see and physically interact with everyone inside, just like the real world. Inspired by Star Trek’s Holodeck, Sandbox’s exclusive worlds let you feel like you’re living inside a game or movie, built by EA, Sony, and Ubisoft veterans.

About SandboxVR

  • Product Type: E-commerce
  • Business Model: B2C

About the SandboxVR Deck

  • Funding Year: 2019
  • Funding Round: Series A
  • Funding Raised: $68M
  • Investor Type: Angel Investors, Corporate

2. GamerzClass Pitch Deck

Year: 2020 •  Amount: $1M •  Round: Seed

GamerzClass is an online learning platform dedicated to gamers who wish to improve their skills by learning from top tier pros. Their video gaming platform offers personalized recommendations to viewers while offering creators revenue share via premium subscriptions. GamerzClass leverages matchmaking technology to connect gamers with the content they love.

About GamerzClass

  • Product Type: Subscription
  • Business Model: B2C

About the GamerzClass Deck

  • Funding Year: 2020
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $1M
  • Investor Type: VC

3. Tamatem Pitch Deck

Year: 2013 •  Amount: $50K •  Round: Seed

Tamatem is a mobile gaming company that specializes in making and publishing games for Arabic speaking audiences. The startup is a leading mobile games publisher in the MENA market. Tamatem partners with international studios and developers to localize their games and make them culturally relevant for Arabic-speaking audiences.

About Tamatem

  • Product Type: Other
  • Business Model: B2B

About the Tamatem Deck

  • Funding Year: 2013
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $50K
  • Investor Type: VC

4. Hearo.Live Pitch Deck

Year: 2019 •  Amount: $150K •  Round: Seed

Hearo is a multiplayer video platform of shows for gaming and entertainment communities to watch and interact with shows live, engage with other viewers to chat, and talk with the hosts. With Hearo, you can bring your TV/streaming audience into your own venue, and turn your passive broadcast into a buzzing live social event: from epic live parties to intimate hangouts. Hearo is the first virtual venue with a live audience: their “MultiplayerTV” platform turns passive media into a buzzing, live event, and empowers a new class of creator-connector, the media leader.

About Hearo.Live

  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Hearo.Live Deck

  • Funding Year: 2019
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $150K
  • Investor Type: VC

5. ZIO Studios Pitch Deck

Year: 2011 •  Amount: $1.3M •  Round: Series A

ZIO Studios focuses on the creation of various cross-media, multi-platform experiences, including interactive 3D animations, video games, and more. The transmedia boutique based in Bogota, Colombia brings extensive production experience, award-winning creativity, and relentless focus on research and development, to create interactive 3D experiences.

About ZIO Studios

  • Product Type: Other
  • Business Model: B2C

About the ZIO Studios Deck

  • Funding Year: 2011
  • Funding Round: Series A
  • Funding Raised: $1.3M
  • Investor Type: VC

6. Juked Pitch Deck

Year: 2020 •  Amount: $800K •  Round: Pre-Seed

Juked is building a new social network for eSports with the north star mission of bringing fans closer together in an inclusive, all-in-one environment and reduce toxicity from esports discussion. Juked is the home for esports culture: it’s where you go to discover the best from around the world. Their social network is bringing esports fans together around their shared passions.

About Juked

  • Product Type: Marketplace
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Juked Deck

  • Funding Year: 2020
  • Funding Round: Pre-Seed
  • Funding Raised: $800K
  • Investor Type: VC

7. Fanatiz Pitch Deck

Year: 2020 •  Amount: $10M •  Round: Series A

Fanatiz is a streaming platform with sports channels for Live and VOD events, pioneering Latin American live sports streaming since 2017. Their platform supports web, Android Fire TV, Roku, iOS and Chromecast. The Miami-based company has raised a total of $17M in funding from 777 Partners.

About Fanatiz

  • Product Type: SaaS
  • Business Model: B2B2C

About the Fanatiz Deck

  • Funding Year: 2020
  • Funding Round: Series A
  • Funding Raised: $10M
  • Investor Type:

8. RAPT.FM Pitch Deck

Year: 2013 •  Amount: Undisclosed •  Round: Seed empowers users to freestyle rap with top rappers around the world and challenge others to one-on-one rap battles. It is a place where new talent can be discovered: a fun creative outlet for aspiring rappers.


  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the RAPT.FM Deck

  • Funding Year: 2013
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: Undisclosed
  • Investor Type:


How-to create your own Gaming & eSports pitch deck:

Are you interested in learning how to write and design a winning pitch deck for your startup? If you’re building a new gaming or eSports company, you may be interested in our popular Gaming Pitch Deck template:

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