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Track your goals & habits on a week-to-week basis with this easy-to-use & flexible Habit Tracker Dashboard template for Google Sheets.

Wish you had one place where you could easily track all your top-level habits and goals? This Google Sheets Dashboard + Habit Tracker template is what you’ve been searching for. Track your habits &/or goals and view your performance with a fully-customizable & automated dashboard. Easily integrate with any of your other Google Sheets (ie. P&L statements, Supermetrics ad performance reports, workout logs, sleep trackers, budget & expense logs etc.) into one top-level, real-time view.

Learn how to create a powerful dashboard and habit tracker system with Google Sheets:

Don’t waste money on monthly subscriptions and features you’ll never use: this Google Sheets Dashboard has everything you need — from an automated dashboard with “no-code” settings to weekly habit tracking and integration templates.

How to create a Goal & Habit Tracking Dashboard in Google Sheets:

  • 00:0000:35 Overview of Google Sheets Habit Tracker + Dashboard
  • 00:3501:04 How to set up the Google Sheets Habit Tracker
  • 01:0403:06 Integrate / sync other sheets into the habit tracker
  • 03:0603:16 Edit dashboard settings (no-code)
  • 03:1603:33 Weekly habit summaries
  • 03:3304:06 Google Sheets Habit Tracker Dashboard template
Download the template