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Hey y’all, stoked to share this with you — had some extra time this weekend to build something new:

Adding social proof (using real-time sales data) has been on the backlog for (a Gumroad-powered website) for many months now. However, we found all the existing tools to do so (ie. Proof, too overengineered & expensive for our purposes.

We could imagine that many other Gumroad users may be in the same boat, so we decided to share the simple solution we created:

It’s a one-line JavaScript to add social proof notifications to any shop or website powered by Gumroad: available at (we’ve named this tool GumProof)! You can also see it in action on any page of our own website at VIP Graphics (

Just sign up & copy your install code, choose your settings, and voila — your website will display social proof notifications to boost conversions & increase sales. (NOTE: this is built *only* for Gumroad websites)

For those interested: you can sign up here to try it risk-free for 7 days.

Unlike today’s alternatives, our tool’s pricing is simple & affordable: one flat monthly fee for unlimited websites. We also included a “white label” option to remove GumProof branding from the pop-ups.

This “v1” / MVP release currently supports a limited range of customization options & focuses solely on recent sales notifications, with many more features (ie. live visitor count, streaks, custom images) planned to come soon!

Where can I sign up to try GumProof?

Just visit GumProof ( and create a free account to try this out. In just a few clicks, you could add automated, real-time social proof marketing to your Gumroad website &/or shop(s)!

Social Proof Marketing for Gumroad: Boost Conversions & Increase Sales |