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Hey all, we’ve been super excited to share this with you — been cooking up something new over the last couple weekends:

Our inventory at VIP Graphics has grown considerably over the last year, and we wanted to create an internal tool for managing a new website with the following two requirements:

  • Blazing fast, lightweight HTML webpages
  • Simple inventory management from Google Sheets

We imagined that other Gumroad creators (esp. those with 50+ products) may be in a similar situation, so it only made sense to share the simple solution we ended up creating:

GumSheet is a simple yet powerful landing page builder for Gumroad + Google Sheets. You can see it in action in the <20 second video below:

Just copy the template Google Sheet, fill in your product details, and voila: you can generate custom landing pages in just one click — full instructions here.

Here’s what GumSheet can do:

  • Fully-editable inventory in Google Sheets
  • Integrated with Gumroad product & subscribe embeds
  • Automated SEO & OpenGraph tags
  • OS-based light/dark mode (to match Gumroad)
  • Standalone HTML (can be hosted free on Github Pages, etc.)

For those interested: you can get a license key here and start — the first 10 users will get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT: $9 license (vs .$25 regular price). Don’t wait to boost your Gumroad sales, get started today!

Subscribe to create & download your HTML landing pages, then cancel & re-subscribe anytime you’d like to create new pages or updates! No recurring contract + full HTML export.

Where can I sign up to try GumSheet?

Just visit GumSheet ( and obtain a license key to try this out. In just a few clicks, you could build high-converting, super-fast landing pages to more effectively sell your Gumroad products online.