Google Sheets CRM

Spreadsheet-based CRM template for Google Sheets. Pay once, use forever: perfect for freelancers & agencies.

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Manage clients effortlessly with this easy-to-use & flexible CRM template for Google Sheets.

Ever forget to send an invoice until a month after a project finished? Lose track of a new client or project for a few days? Or perhaps youโ€™re getting so many new leads that itโ€™s become harder to keep up!

If this sounds like you, then the Google Sheets CRM can help streamline your client management operations in a matter of minutes.

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Traditional CRM tools are too overwrought for most freelancers & agencies. Ever wish you could simply copy-paste your contacts into a spreadsheet to manage clients? With this 100%-customizable Google Sheets CRM template, you can do exactly that & more!

A tried & tested CRM: created by an agency with 100+ clients/yr.

This template was copied directly from the Google Sheet used by our design agency with over 300+ clients, including the likes of Forbes 30u30 alums and Fortune 100 companies. Enjoy the ease-of-use and flexibility of a spreadsheet-based CRM, packed with powerful features including:

  • Quarterly & annual dashboards
  • Job category & source reports
  • Customer & prospect tracking
  • Auto-refresh from Gmail labels
  • Time tracking with Toggle API integration
  • Powerful pivot tables
  • Client leaderboards & scoring
  • & much more!

You’ll be sure to use this spreadsheet on a daily basis โ€” we still do for our agency! This tried & tested template has managed over 300+ customers and 2.5k+ prospects for our own award-winning design agency.

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This CRM template helped us streamline our client operations and grow our hourly rate by over 2ร—. In the past, we have shared some of our insights in Business Insider & Forbesย magazine. Now, our CRM tools are available for anyone to use!


Pay $39 just *once*, not $100’s per month!

This is not a subscription: pay just once, and get your own CRM for life!

Realistically, this product could’ve been priced at $200+ โ€” for comparison, the most popular CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce cost thousands of dollars every month.

Streamline your client operations & make earning easier with this intuitive CRM for small business & service providers.

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Enjoy lifetime updatesย free

We’re constantly updating this product: we use this very same Google Sheets template every day for our own consulting businesses, and are always making improvements!

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