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Tome is one of the most popular new AI slide design tools; however, some have sought alternatives due to Tome’s cost, limited customizability, compatibility, and lack of support for flowcharts and infographics. This article will provide you with a detailed overview of the best Tome alternatives in 2023. Even if you feel that Instant AI is not the right fit for you, you can check out the other AI presentation tool alternatives below:

1. Instant AI

We’re obviously (slightly) biased here, but we believe Instant is the ultimate AI slide design tool. Arguably the best alternative to Tome, Instant AI offers an unparalleled feature set including:

  • AI to create presentations directly in Google Slides
  • Create visual slides with diagrams & infographics
  • Use our robust library of professional-grade templates

2. Decktopus

Decktopus is a popular alternative to Tome that allows users to create professional presentations without the need for design skills. With its AI-powered engine, Decktopus can quickly turn simple text into engaging slides. However, the platform has fairly limited customizability, with a somewhat rigid editor. Decktopus puts a limit on the components and text in each slide, and there is no WYSIWYG editor to edit or rearrange layouts (you can only replace text & images). Other common complaints relate to limited sharing options, lack of compatability with tools like Google Slides & PowerPoint, inconsistent reliability, and add-on fees for features like custom branding and analytics. Users who prefer the workflow of popular tools like Google Slides may be interested in Instant AI as an alternative.

3. SlidesAI

SlidesAI is an AI-powered slide design plugin for Google Slides that uses machine learning algorithms to create presentations automatically in Google Slides. The simple & straightforward user interface allows users to quickly & automatically generate presentations for conferences, sales, education or general purpose. The primary limitation of SlidesAI is that it only create one very simple layout: all slides are bulleted lists with an image. That said, SlidesAI offers a quick & easy option for those looking to quickly & automatically generate basic slides. Those seeking to generate visual slides with customizable layouts may prefer Instant AI as a comparable alternatve for Google Slides.

4. MagicSlides

MagicSlides is another AI slide design tool for Google Slides that allows users to auto-generate presentations with AI. Like SlidesAI, the greatest drawback is that all slides generated by MagicSlides follow one simple layout (bulleted lists with an image). That said, MagicSlides is a quick tool to use AI to write your presentation content in Google Slides — though users looking to design more visual slide layouts may prefer Instant AI.

5. Beautiful AI

Beautiful AI is one of the original players in the space, founded in 2016. The company’s cloud-based presentation software aims to intelligent “suggest ways to visualize your ideas and makes it easy to customize the design.” Unlike some of the other alternatives here, Beautiful AI offers a variety of layouts, including built-in tables & graphs. However, the learning curve of an entirely new presentation tool can be daunting for many, and Beautiful.AI’s templates are notoriously rigid and difficult. Customers have reported difficulties with Beautiful AI’s steep learning curve, rigid and difficult templates, and inconsistent performance and reliability. To keep using familiar tools (Google Slides) while leveraging AI to generate visual slides, check out Instant AI.

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