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Why create a crypto or blockchain pitch deck?

Startups that are involved in blockchain or cryptocurrency are particularly challenging when building a pitch deck due to the technical concepts & background necessary to understand them. There is one thing that all successful startups in the crypto & blockchain industry have in common: they once were no-names who had to pitch their ideas to investors or partners.

If you are not sure where to start, here are a few pitch decks from successful cryptocurrency & blockchain startups that you should check out:

What are examples of successful crypto & blockchain pitch deck?

Top 5+ Crypto pitch decks

1) Coinbase
2) Robotcoin
3) Gogocoin
4) Utrust
5) Celer Network
6) Gluwa
7) Cryptomover
8) Sharebee
9) Alluva
10) BigControls

You’re an entrepreneur with a great idea seeking capital. You want to find a VC to invest in your company but you’re not sure how to write the perfect pitch deck. Look no further. This list has 5+ pitch decks that helped raise millions of dollars for cryptocurrency & blockchain startups. These decks are perfect for learning more about what makes an effective pitch deck and how to create your own. When pitching your company to an investor, the deck you present is a vital part of the conversation. Use these 5+ winning pitch decks as inspiration when crafting your investor presentation.

1. Coinbase Pitch Deck

Year2012  •  Amount$600,000  •  RoundSeed

The Coinbase exchange allows traders to purchase and sell over 50 cryptocurrencies. Users of Coinbase create their own bitcoin wallets and buy or sell bitcoins by connecting their bank accounts. The company also provides a series of payment processing systems and tools that support many highly-trafficked websites on the internet. Coinbase was founded in 2012 with the mission of creating an open financial system for the world.

About Coinbase

  • Product Type: Marketplace
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Coinbase Deck

  • Funding Year: 2012
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $600k

We’ve re-created the original AirBnB pitch deck as part of our Silicon pitch deck template…

2. Robotcoin (formerly Romit) Pitch Deck

Year: 2015  •  Amount: $125,000  •  Round: Seed

Robotcoin, formerly known as Romit, makes buying, selling, storing, and sending bitcoin easy. Robotcoin powers the largest bitcoin ATM network in the world, allowing users to buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin online or in person with cash. The platform accepts bitcoin and cash as payment for purchases, sales, and remittances in 18 countries. There is no other bitcoin wallet with both physical (cash) and online channels for acquiring customers. The Robotcoin SDK allows bitcoin functionality to be installed on any kiosk, ATM or tablet in the world: it’s like Android for ATMs.

About Robotcoin

  • Product Type: Wallet
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Robotcoin Deck

  • Funding Year: 2015
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $125k

3. Gogocoin Pitch Deck

Year: 2013  •  Amount: $105,000  •  Round: Seed

GogoCoin is a prepaid access company designed to help newcomers buy bitcoins and learn how to use the bitcoin network. In the retail market, bitcoin remains untapped, and providing consumers with access to bitcoin is already difficult.

With a Bitcoin Card, first-time bitcoin users can purchase bitcoins and explore how the bitcoin network works. In addition to providing an easy-to-understand product to a high demand market, they also help bring bitcoin to the masses.

About Gogocoin

  • Product Type: Wallet
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Gogocoin Deck

  • Funding Year: 2013
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $105k

4. Utrust Pitch Deck

Year: 2017  •  Amount: $21,000,000  •  Round: Seed

With Utrust, merchants and buyers can easily accept and pay in digital currencies. Our solutions are revolutionizing the way payments are processed, one merchant at a time. Utrust was founded on the belief that digital currencies are the money of the future.

It is easy for merchants to reach customers who use digital currencies both online and offline with Utrust. By cutting out the middleman, crypto allows merchants to retain more of their profits. Getting an edge on competition is easy with Utrust’s ready-to-be integrated API & plugins for major e-commerce platforms.

About Utrust

  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Utrust Deck

  • Funding Year: 2017
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $21M

5. Celer Network Deck

Year: 2019  •  Amount: $2,100,000  •  Round: Seed

Using off-chain scaling techniques, the Celer Network enables Internet-scale public blockchains. This technology can handle billions of secure and trust-free transactions per second, enabling decentralized applications to be created in full play with blockchain. Founder and CEO, Mo Dong presented the following pitch deck at the 500 Startups Demo Day in 2019.

About Celer Network

  • Product Type: SaaS
  • Business Model: B2B

About the Celer Network Deck

  • Funding Year: 2019
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $2.1M

6. Gluwa Pitch Deck

Year: 2017  •  Amount: Undisclosed  •  Round: Seed

Gluwa was founded with the vision of creating a borderless financial platform so people could live better together. The company primarily offers an integrated end-to-end decentralized financial ecosystem, which facilitates frictionless interactions between virtual and real-world communities.

Gluwa develops application programming interface tools for the banking industry, specifically financial software that enables users to send and receive money securely and automatically.

About Gluwa

  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Gluwa Deck

  • Funding Year: 2017
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: Undisclosed

7. Cryptomover Pitch Deck

Year: – •  Amount: N/A •  Round: Undisclosed


Cryptomover is a digital asset management platform that specializes in market making and over-the-counter trading of crypto.

About Cryptomover

  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Cryptomover Deck

  • Funding Year: –
  • Funding Round: Undisclosed
  • Funding Raised: N/A
  • Investor Type:

8. Sharebee Pitch Deck

Year: 2016 •  Amount: CA$100K •  Round: Angel Round

Sharebee is a web and mobile peer-to-peer platform that connects people with spare space with people who need storage or parking solutions.

About Sharebee

  • Product Type: E-commerce
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Sharebee Deck

  • Funding Year: 2016
  • Funding Round: Angel Round
  • Funding Raised: CA$100K
  • Investor Type:

9. Alluva Pitch Deck

Year: 2019 •  Amount: $10M •  Round: Seed

Alluva is a blockchain-based, contributor-model product that incentivises participants for their predictions and ratings. Alluva is the global analyst platform that rewards users for their cryptoasset prediction and provides institutional investors with clarity as to which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Alluva is the strong supporter of the blockchain community and building mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain tech. Alluva raised $150K in pre-seed from 500 Startups using this pitch deck in 2019. Total funding as of today is $10.2M.

About Alluva

  • Product Type: App
  • Business Model: B2C

About the Alluva Deck

  • Funding Year: 2019
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $10M
  • Investor Type:

10. BigControls Pitch Deck

Year: 2016 •  Amount: $125K •  Round: Seed


BigControls is a blockchain based platform that provides complete transparency and compliance for tax credits and incentive obligations between corporations and government agencies. By leveraging smart contracts, BigControls automates regulatory incentives and provides real time, actionable intelligence for corporate tax and finance leaders. BigControls raised $125K in funding in 2016 using this pitch deck.

About BigControls

  • Product Type: SaaS
  • Business Model: B2B

About the BigControls Deck

  • Funding Year: 2016
  • Funding Round: Seed
  • Funding Raised: $125K
  • Investor Type:


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