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As public interest in sustainability and climate change continues to climb, companies are searching for new ways to make a positive impact on our environment, and new startups are providing them with means to do so. According to a study by PwC, global investment in clean energy technology reached a record-breaking $332B in 2020, highlighting the burgeoning potential of the sector. However, navigating this nascent industry and securing funding can be a challenge for first-time founders in the sustainability and climate tech space.

Here, we will delve into the essential elements of a compelling pitch deck for your sustainability or climate tech startup.

What is a sustainability pitch deck?

A sustainability pitch deck is a strategic presentation for businesses in the sustainability and climate tech space seeking to win customers and investors. Your pitch deck should effectively communicate your startup’s value proposition, market opportunity, and potential impact.

Cleantech, also known as climate tech, describes sustainability and environmental goods companies such as renewable energy, carbon credits & offsetting, green / sustainable materials, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and more. Cleantech startups provide creative solutions that benefit the environment and society while generating economic value. According to venture capitalist Chris Sacca, “Climate investing is recession-proof, even without the IRA.” With growing regulatory pressure and public sector funding, the sustainability space is poised to explode in the coming decade.

What is the purpose of a climate tech pitch deck?

Your pitch deck is the wand you wave in front of investors, partners, and stakeholders to entice them to back your startup and join your mission. Your unique solution, the problem it solves, and the impact it promises are all threads this deck should weave together to make a compelling story. Building an effective pitch deck is the crucial first step on the journey to secure funding for your startup.

What slides should be in your sustainability pitch deck?

Here’s what should be in your sustainability pitch deck:

Cover Slide

Your sustainability pitch deck’s cover slide should visually capture your company’s mission and brand. Make sure to include a striking logo, image, drawing, or design feature that matches your business’s theme.ย 

Often this slide will include a catchy tagline or phrase that sums up your solution’s value. As with the rest of your deck, make sure to use colors, fonts, and design elements that match your brand. The cover slide is your pitch deck’s “wow” moment. It should intrigue and inspire your audience to continue your presentation.

Problem Slide

The Problem slide in your sustainability pitch deck highlights the major issue your startup seeks to solve. This issue should be widespread and quantifiable in terms of cost and demand.ย 

Show the problem’s scope and impact via statistics. Believable assertions require credible sources. List the problem’s financial, environmental, and societal costs. Use numbers to emphasize financial or social impacts.

Discuss existing solutions and why a creative approach is needed. Use graphs, charts, or illustrations to illustrate the problem’s scope. The Problem slide is the crux of your pitch and must effectively communicate the severity of the issue and why it matters, to set the stage for your solution.

Solution Slide

The purpose of the solution slide is to outline the main idea behind your proposed fix. Convince your audience that this is the best option for fixing the issue mentioned in the previous slide.ย 

Focus on what makes your solution stand out: the technology, processes, materials, or other factors that contribute to its success. Make sure to describe both the quantitative and qualitative benefits that your product or service will provide, and explain how it helps stakeholders, the planet, and people. You can demonstrate the efficacy of your strategy by using images, diagrams, or concrete instances to aid in grasping mechanical concepts.

One important consideration for this slide is to describe how your solution scales and can evolve in response to new challenges.

How it Works Slide

The “How It Works” slide should unveil the mystery behind your solution. Using engaging infographics and straightforward flowcharts to depict the process steps, and avoid confusing the reader with technical jargon or complex diagrams.ย 

Visualize your solution’s steps to get from the problem state to the desired outcome. This slide connects your innovation and the audience’s comprehension, simplifying complicated ideas into readily understood images to guarantee an “a-ha!” moment for all.ย  The goal is to avoid ambiguity by being crystal clear and straightforward. Imagine it as a compelling comic strip detailing how your answer helped overcome obstacles.

Competitive Advantage Slide

The competitive advantage or differentiation slide is where you highlight the unique selling points of your solution. Think of this slide as the red carpet premiere, showing all the features, benefits, and traits that make your innovation stand out.ย 

It’s the culinary equivalent of showcasing the star components that set your dish apart. This slide highlights why your solution is the best: innovative technology, a fresh take, more efficiency, and an unparalleled user experience.ย 

Highlighting your distinctive advantages does not simply mean claiming superiority; you also present proof of your solution’s exceptional value. This slide answers the question “Why you?” and compels your audience to consider why your business is the one they should follow, invest in, and support.

Market / Opportunity Slide

There is more to the Market or Opportunity slide than merely market sizing data. Consider it a time-sensitive photograph that records the trends and tailwinds in the space and emphasizes the significance of the problem you’re attempting to solve.ย 

Think of this slide as a compass that indicates not only the magnitude of the opportunity but also the precise timing of it. You can provide a convincing answer to “Why now?” by incorporating current events, societal upheavals, and emerging patterns into your argument.

It’s about demonstrating how the rate of demand, the shifting tastes of consumers, and other elements have come together to make your enterprise not just timely but pressing right now. In this crucial slide, you’ll highlight how well your solution fits the current cultural mood, paving the way for your invention to influence significantly.

Target Market Slide

On the Target Market slide, you should highlight who your solution is tailored for. Think of this slide as a microscope that will help you zero in on the people, organizations, and communities most profiting from your idea.ย 

It’s like directing a spotlight directly at the target demographics and industries where your solution will have the most impact. You can paint a clear picture of who will benefit from your product or service if you take the time to define your target market and describe its many potential uses.

On this slide, you’ll outline how your solution will be implemented to meet actual demands. Accuracy, context, and ensuring your target audience understands how your invention will improve their daily lives and processes are paramount.

Traction Slide

The Traction slide lets you boast about your business’s successes. Imagine this slide as a catwalk for your solution’s triumphs like wearing a bunch of badges for your accomplishments.ย 

This shows your momentum from patents, notable partnerships, grants, and other triumphs. It’s tangible proof that your concept is coming true, not just something to display. Showing your progress builds audience faith in you and your ability. Your story can be grounded in genuine successes to show your audience that you are doing more than just talking.

Roadmap Slide

The Roadmap slide paints the path to your startup’s bright future. This slide maps upcoming milestones, products, collaborations, and expansions. It’s like showing your viewers future chapters.ย 

Here, you should show future developments, such as new goods, strategic alliances, and global expansion. The promise of change and growth is more important than where you go. You’re inviting your audience on a journey of possibilities by revealing your blueprint. This slide plants desire and anticipation, igniting excitement and showing your startup’s vision of the future.

Team Slide

The people making your project successful should be featured on the Team slide. Your team’s abilities and accomplishments are showcased here, to demonstrate to investors why you are the right people to execute upon this idea. Leadership with expertise in your focus areas is critical: in this slide, youโ€™re establishing credibility while humanizing your business to your audience. This exploration of the brain trust behind groundbreaking ideas puts the focus squarely on the minds behind them.

Investment Slide

This slide explains the breakdown of the requested funds, and how you will use them. Avoid generic use of funds and speak to specific milestones that this funding will help you achieve.ย The investment slide should demonstrate your business acumen and planning, by tying together your stated aim and the means you intend to achieve it.ย 

Vision Slide

Your startup’s long-term goals are showcased on the Vision slide. This slide provides a canvas for painting a compelling future for your solution. This presentation shows your company’s long-term goals, including its aspirational goals and influence.ย  Sharing a vision that resonates with your audience and the globe is critical. Showing how your product can evolve and increase the Total Addressable Market (TAM) shows how your invention may impact industries and lives.

This slide is about the “why” and “how,” urging your audience to join the movement for a deeper, more lasting change. Especially in the sustainability space, impact investors want to support startups that are aligned with their mission.

Call-to-Action Slide

If you want your audience to do something after watching your presentation, this is the slide to show them. Think of this slide as a platform for your audience to join your cause instead of your answer.ย 

This slide provides easy-to-follow guidelines for planning your next successful gathering, business deal, or team effort. It’s a heartfelt call to action to get involved in the transformation brought about by your groundbreaking idea.ย The Call-to-Action slide should integrate purpose with action, inspiring listeners to join you in creating a more sustainable future.

Tips for designing a winning sustainability pitch deck


  • Donโ€™t just focus on market size: Present your solution’s potential beyond figures. Showcase market shifts that make it a good time to innovate. Explain why your company is well-positioned to seize chances. Your pitch becomes more relevant and urgent when you show how your solution fits current trends.
  • Use quantifiable metrics: Use data to support your claims. Support your assertions with numbers, whether they’re about client demand, cost savings, environmental impact, or anything else. Metrics demonstrate your solution’s worth and credibility, powerfully resonating with your audience.
  • Focus on the market and opportunity: Although the technical details are essential, your presentation deck is not meant to serve as an engineering guide. Instead, you should stress the opportunity your solution presents in the larger market. Don’t bury your audience in technical language; instead, emphasize the benefits and consequences your idea brings. Ensure they firmly grip the big picture before getting into the specifics.

Need help with your climate tech / cleantech pitch deck?

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