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We have compiled the world’s largest collection of pitch decks into a searchable library for your browsing convenience.

Pitch decks are presentations that startups use to win deals & investment. Our goal is to provide readers with insights into how successful companies persuaded investors to fund them.

Billions of dollars in venture capital funding goes to startups that can articulate their vision in a way that convinces investors to buy in.

The key is designing a compelling pitch deck that follows best practices and leverages visuals & storytelling to persuade investors.

We have been publishing example pitch decks every week to give you an inside look into successful startups’ strategies to attracted investors.

You can now browse all of these decks (& more) via the searchable database below — we’ll continue to add new decks every week!

With over 800 pitch decks, this collection covers nearly every startup stage and industry (from seed to Series F). It also includes VC decks (from fund 1 to 5+) and sales presentations!

Examples vary from recent startups that raised millions, to early-stage presentations from household names like Uber, Coinbase & WeWork.

You can search the collection by company name, funding stage, industry, funding amount & more:

  • Updated every week: from all-time greats like Uber & Airbnb to recent startups like Bolt
  • You can filter by Funding Round, Raise Amount, Business Model & more!
  • Category drilldowns for popular industries like cryptocannabisfintech, and more

Here’s our searchable pitch-deck database:

Best Pitch Deck Examples - Successful Investor Presentation Database