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Despite a challenging fundraising environment, startups and creators continue to announce new deals, funding, and acquisitions:

Here’s an inside look at winning pitch decks published this week:

  1. NOCD Pitch Deck – $34M for mental health startup
  2. Our Future Pitch Deck – acquired by Morning Brew
  3. BarnettX Pitch Deck – creator consulting for brands
  4. Macro Pitch Deck – $9.3M for AI text editor

NOCD pitch deck: $34M funding from Cigna Ventures

NOCD, a mental health startup that provides care for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), raised $34 million in funding led by Cigna Ventures and 7wireVentures. Despite a challenging fundraising climate for digital health startups in early 2023, the startup was able to raise on favorable terms (at a higher valuation than before), thanks to exceeding its revenue & financial goals.

NOCD operates through an app, allows patients to sign up for virtual therapy and group sessions with providers who specialize in treating OCD. In addition, NOCD offers free self-help tools and feeds where people talk about their conditions. The startup got its start in 2018 by renting out a corner of an office shared by 7wireVentures and Livongo, a health startup that sold for $13.9 billion in 2020. With this new funding round, NOCD’s total funding has reached $84 million.

Browse the exact example slides from the pitch deck that NOCD used to secure $34 million from Cigna Ventures:

Our Future pitch deck: acquired by Morning Brew

Our Future, a short-form video media brand that covers business news for a Gen-Z audience, was acquired by popular business newsletter Morning Brew in January 2023. Our Future was started by Michael Sikand as a podcast in 2020 and then pivoted to focus on short-form video in 2021. It uses YouTube Shorts and TikTok as its primary platforms and now has over 450,000 subscribers on YouTube and about 470,000 on TikTok across two accounts.

Sikand and his cofounder Simran Sandhu also built a consulting agency that advised companies like HubSpot and StartEngine on social media strategy. The cofounders decided against raising funds for the company in early 2022 because they had “found a way to monetize effectively through the agency division.” The amount paid by Morning Brew to acquire Our Future was not disclosed.

Browse the exact example slides from the pitch deck that Our Future used to successfully pitch acquirers like Morning Brew:

BarnettX pitch deck: UGC & creator consultant for brands

JT Barnett, a former professional hockey player turned creator, has become a social media strategist and content agency for brands. He has found success in pitching himself to brands as a user-generated content (UGC) creator. UGC is a type of advertising where creators make content that brands can use on their own pages. Barnett uses UGC to get his foot in the door and create relationships with brands.

Barnett’s company, BarnettX, has become a full-fledged consultancy firm that helps creators launch their own brands, and he also runs CreatorX, which helps place creator talent as in-house creatives for brands. Barnett uses a deck to pitch potential clients and highlight case studies. While many creators are looking to build their own business empires, Barnett has found success in acting as an agency for companies and offering services to them.

Here’s a look inside the 27-page pitch deck JT Barnett uses to pitch creator consulting services to brands:

Macro pitch deck: $9.3M seed from Andreessen Horowitz

Macro, a start-up offering a desktop app that uses AI to edit documents and introduce interactive and hyperlinked text, raised $9.3m in a seed funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz in early 2023. Macro’s technology is aimed at younger workers and ambitiously seeks to challenge Microsoft 365 as the go-to office suite.

The company’s founder, Jacob Beckerman, spun up the company (then called CoParse) while a graduate student at the UPenn, focusing his thesis on natural language processing (NLP) applications in legal contracts. Macro’s “secret sauce” makes text interactive: when a user clicks on a key term defined somewhere in the document, a window pops up with the keyword’s definition. The sidebar lets users search for terms and jump to sections, and tabs can be used for viewing different parts of the same document. Macro released its flagship desktop app in 2020 and signed up testers from investment banks, law firms, hedge funds, private equity funds, and endowments.

Browse the exact example slides from the pitch deck that AI startup Macro used to secure $9.3M in seed funding led by A16Z:

How-to create your own pitch deck

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