Roadmap Slide

Learn how to build a winning roadmap slide for your pitch deck with this step-by-step guide.

The roadmap slide is generally near the end of pitch decks given the intent is to paint your vision of the future. The key is to paint a clear picture of your path to profitability or exit.

The roadmap slide is almost always depicted in the form of a timeline of milestones – with a focus on product development, marketing, and fundraising objectives. Investors should walk away understanding how their capital will drive your growth, product milestones, customer acquisition, and revenue growth over time.

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How to create a roadmap slide for your pitch deck

Follow along with this brief guide for what you should include in your pitch deck’s roadmap, milestones & timeline slide:

Pitch Deck Guide: Contents of Great Slides

1. Content of the roadmap slide

  • Origin story & history to-date
  • Planned product and growth milestones
  • Future fundraising & exit strategy
Pitch Deck Guide: Key Questions to Address for Great Slides

2. Questions the roadmap slide should address

  • What is the story behind your company? How did you arrive at this point?
  • Where will the funding take you? (e.g., revenue milestones, runway length, next anticipated round)
  • Why are you seeking this investment, and what will it help you achieve?
Pitch Deck Guide: Common Mistakes to Avoid

3. Common roadmap slide blunders

  • Lacking specific milestones or roadmap
  • Setting unrealistically high or specific revenue milestones
  • Failing to paint a clear path to profitability, exit &/or the next round of investment
Pitch Deck Guide: Design Tips for Great Slides

4. Design tips for roadmap slides

  • Don’t overpromise: stick to KPIs that you can control
  • Include both product and growth goals
  • Generally formatted as a timeline of milestones
  • Keep it concise & to-the-point (see Guy Kawasaki‘s 10/20/30 rule)
Inspiration from the experts

Example pitch deck roadmap slides from Airbnb, Uber, Yuga Labs & more

The best roadmap slides paint a clear growth story for the startup, generally depicted as a timeline of milestones. Make sure to cover product, growth, and fundraising strategy.

Below are some examples of winning roadmap slides from pitch decks for household names like Airbnb, Uber, and Yuga Labs:

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