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As part of Meta’s effort to create an interactive livestreaming platform where users can earn revenue and engage with fans, the company is ramping up testing with influencers.

Super has been under development since late 2020, and the new product experimentation team (NPE) is currently testing it.

When Bloomberg first reported on Super in 2020, it was described as a “Cameo-inspired tool,” similar to FaceTime. However, as the tool has evolved, it has become an interactive livestreaming product, similar to Twitch.

So far, less than 100 creators have used Super: Meta has invited creators to test it out and request access directly on the site. Super is not an extension of Instagram, Facebook, or any other existing Meta product.

“It’s a standalone project,” the spokesperson said about Super. “Right now, it’s web only. They have been testing it very quietly for about two years. The end goal [of NPE projects] is ultimately creating the next standalone project that could be part of the Meta family of products.” The spokesperson said the outreach this week was part of a drive to get more creators to test Super.

Here is an exclusive look at the inner workings of Meta: a leaked pitch deck from Super that was shared with a small group of influencers in 2021.

The purpose of the deck was to gather feedback on possible sponsorship models, with mockups of potential brand deals & features. According to an anonymous source, Meta paid creators between $200 and $3,000 to try Super for 30 minutes.

Take a peek inside at the leaked pitch deck used by Meta to collect feedback on the Super livestreaming platform:

What were the slides in the Meta’s Super pitch deck?

Browse the exact example slides from the pitch deck that Meta used to collect creator feedback for Super:

  1. Product Slides
  2. Features Slides
  3. Business Model Slide

1. Product Slides

Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Overview Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors

The pitch deck opens with an overview of what Super does:

Super is a Facebook-incubated platform which helps content creators connect with their fans digitally, and for super fans to meet and support their favorite creators. In the spirit of Late Night talk shows, we feature creators (“Superstars”), who are guests at a live, hosted conversation moderated by a Host.

From a design standpoint, the primary criticism of this slide (and most of the deck) is that it’s fairly text-heavy, with very limited usage of icons, bullets, and diagrams to break up the large blocks of words. For instance, the fact that Super is a web app (which requires no download or installation) is a strong point that could be presented as an eye-catching callout (rather than paragraph-form).

Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Overview Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors

The following slide (above) presents Meta’s thesis behind the Super platform, which centers around brand sponsorships and native placements:

One of our theses is the idea that creators should benefit monetarily from their Super experiences, and we believe that offering a menu of different monetization strategies will enable the right experience for each creator.

Our current focus is exploring sponsorship opportunities for creators, to better understand what types of sponsor placements will facilitate the best experience for all Super customers (viewers, creators, and advertisers).

The use of colorful and engaging mockups throughout the deck is incredibly helpful to bring Meta’s vision for Super to life.

2. Features Slide

The bulk of the Super pitch deck is spent diving into the various features of the Super platform. The deck takes you from start to finish of a potential “Sponsored Experience” โ€” beginning with pre-show & pre-roll features, to post-event.

Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Pre-Roll Features Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Meet & Greet Features Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Pre-Show Features Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Super Selfies Features Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsorsSuper by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Post-Event Features Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors

  • Pre-show: enabled 30 min prior to start of show
  • Pre-roll: At the beginning of the event, play a 15-30 second promo video from sponsor (auto-plays once)
  • Meet and Greet: Can be branded, e.g. “Meet & Greet brought to you by [Snickers]”
  • Super Selfies: Creators and fans receive a digital take away to be shared on social media.
  • Post Event: Opportunity to capture the after-show attention with sponsored messages/links

Almost every screen displays the Sponsor logo, link and/or a branded background โ€” viewers can also watch sponsor video while waiting for the event to start.

3. Business Model Slide

Any pitch deck would be incomplete without talking numbers, and Meta’s presentation for Super is no exception. One of the very first slides in the Super deck lays out the responsibilities for the creator, sponsor, and Super. Perhaps the most notable point on this slide is that creators keep 100% of sponsorship revenue, and Super charges no fees or commission!

Super by Meta leaked pitch deck โ€“ Business Model Slide: Facebook's new livestreaming platform for influencers & sponsors

How-to create your own pitch deck like Super

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