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Web3 technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized banking, are now reshaping how people use the Internet. 

Venture capitalists see significant opportunities in Web3 innovations and are keen on investing in groundbreaking projects. The support from these top Web3 investors & VC firms indicates the growing interest in this area.

Innovative startups in this field will be in high demand, making it an exciting time to explore and create a compelling pitch deck to attract investors.

A pitch deck is essential to communicate your vision, value proposition, and market opportunity to potential investors. However, crafting a pitch deck for your Web3 startup can be far from straightforward, esp. in challenging market conditions like today. Creating a winning investor deck requires thoughtfulness and effort to deliver a compelling pitch.

In this blog, we’ll guide you through creating a Web3 pitch deck that captures investor attention and sets you apart in the competitive landscape of blockchain-based applications.

What is a Web3 pitch deck?

Before diving into the intricacies of creating a Web3 pitch deck, let’s first define Web3. 

Web3 refers to a new era of the internet that leverages blockchain technology to build decentralized, trustless, and transparent applications. These applications include decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, tokenized assets, and other blockchain-based solutions.

What is the purpose of a Web3 pitch deck?

The purpose of a Web3 pitch deck is to present a clear and persuasive case for your project to potential investors. 

It should showcase the problem your Web3 project aims to solve, how it stands out from existing solutions, the market opportunity, your team’s capabilities, and the long-term vision. Investors should walk away with a clear understanding of why decentralization and Web3 technologies are the right solution for the market your startup addresses.

A well-crafted pitch deck can spark interest and confidence in your project, leading to potential funding and partnerships. One of the best-known decks in the Web3 space is the leaked Yuga Labs pitch deck (creators of the popular Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT) which raised $450M from a16z at a whopping $4 billion valuation.

What slides should be in your Web3 pitch deck?

These slides are what investors typically expect to see in a Web3 pitch deck:

Cover Slide 

The cover slide of any pitch deck should make a first impression that counts. Begin with an eye-catching cover slide that includes your project’s name, logo, and a brief tagline that captures your startup’s essence — this slide sets the stage for an unforgettable pitch. The Hadean pitch deck does an excellent job of this: 

Hadean Pitch Deck - Cover slide: Best Pitch Deck Examples - $30 million for Metaverse Infrastructure | VIP Graphics

Problem Slide 

Almost every pitch deck begins with identifying a real and widespread problem that your startup addresses. Use quantifiable data to highlight the cost and demand associated with the problem to help investors understand the urgency and importance of your solution.

Solution Slide 

The solution slide in your Web3 pitch deck should articulate why Web3 is the right approach to address the identified problem, especially amid the shift in funding from Web3 startups to AI projects. 

Focus on the advantages of utilizing blockchain technology: some investors are prejudiced into believing that Web3 is a “solution searching for a problem,” so you’ll want to pre-emptively address this line of thinking.

How It Works Slide 

An effective pitch deck should explain how your solution works in simple, memorable terms (even for highly-technical Web3 technologies). Use infographics and flowcharts to visually demonstrate this, but avoid overwhelming technical terms and complex architecture diagrams.

You can also use this slide to explain the unique innovation & approach behind your company’s solution and highlight your technology moat. Keep it clear and easy to understand.

Competitive Advantage / Differentiation Slide 

This slide provides an opportunity to demonstrate how your approach surpasses existing solutions and sets your company apart in the market. 

If applicable, this is a great place to explain how your solution integrates Web3 tokenomics to incentivize participation and reward users for contributing to the network’s growth and success.

Market / Opportunity Slide

Your pitch deck’s Market/Opportunity slide should go beyond just stating the market size and focus on the current trends and developments that create the ideal environment for your Web3 project.

Demonstrate that there is a genuine demand for your product or service, positioning your venture for success in the rapidly evolving world of Web3 technologies.

Use Cases / Target Market Slide

Most Web3 solutions will address a variety of applications or target use cases. This slide in your Web3 pitch deck is crucial for showcasing your project’s versatility and potential. 

The target market slide offers an opportunity to present the various use cases of your Web3 solution in different scenarios, demonstrating its practical applications and the value it can bring to various industries and user segments.

Traction Slide

Share your achievements and milestones, such as patents, notable partnerships, or grants, in the Traction slide of your pitch deck. This builds credibility and shows that you’ve made progress.

If your project is just starting and has not yet achieved much traction, explain how you intend to increase interest and participation. Encourage early partnerships and collaboration to ensure the project’s success. Below is an example traction slide from the infamous FTX pitch deck

FTX Pitch Deck - $1B Series B - Traction slide: Best Pitch Deck Examples | VIP Graphics

Roadmap Slide

The roadmap slide of your pitch deck should describe your company’s plans for the future in detail. This includes information about upcoming product launches, strategic partnerships, and potential expansion. Make sure to speak to both product and marketing milestones! Investors want to see that you have a clear plan for where your project is going. Be ready to address any inquiries with confidence and enthusiasm.

Team Slide

The team Slide is your opportunity to introduce the key members of your team and highlight their relevant expertise. Showcase the industry experience, technical skills, and achievements that make your team qualified to execute the project successfully. 

Instill confidence in investors that your team has the knowledge, experience, and drive to turn the project into a reality. Hadean’s pitch deck exemplifies how to present an overwhelming case for your team’s expertise: 

Hadean Pitch Deck - Traction slide: Best Pitch Deck Examples - $30 million for Metaverse Infrastructure | VIP Graphics

Investment Slide

The ask slide of your pitch deck should clearly outline the funding amount you seek from investors and outlines how it will be utilized to drive your project forward. If your startup has received prior funding, be sure to include those details.

Be concise and specific in explaining how the investment will be used to achieve milestones and propel the project towards success. Investors want a clear understanding of how their funds will be deployed and the potential return on their investment.

Vision Slide

This slide should speak to the long-term vision for your Web3 project. Articulate the goal of your project and how it aligns with the transformative potential of Web3 technologies. Describe how your project aims to create a lasting impact and contribute to the Total Addressable Market (TAM) growth over time. 

Emphasize the unique value proposition that sets your project apart and drives its long-term success. Use this slide to inspire investors with your ambitious vision and the positive change you aim to bring to the industry or community.

Call-to-action Slide

Every pitch deck should end with a compelling call-to-action, inviting potential investors to get involved and seize the opportunity to be part of your Web3 journey.

Provide clear instructions on how investors can contact you for further discussions or to participate in your funding round. Include any relevant contact information or links to your website or social media channels. 

Make this slide impactful and memorable, leaving a lasting impression that motivates investors to take action and support your project.

Tips for designing a winning Web3 pitch deck

Designing a winning Web3 pitch deck requires careful consideration of several key factors. Here are some tips to help you create a compelling pitch deck:

  • Focus on trends and market opportunity: Highlight why your Web3 project is relevant and needed in the current market landscape.
  • Use quantifiable metrics: Back up your claims with data and metrics that demonstrate demand and the value your project brings.
  • Emphasize the market and opportunity: While technology is essential, investors are more interested in understanding the market potential rather than getting lost in the technical aspects.

Need help with your Web3 pitch deck?

Crafting an engaging pitch deck is crucial for your Web3 startup to attract funding from investors, secure grants, and forge partnerships with potential clients. To simplify the process, you might find the Web3 Pitch Deck Template valuable: a professionally designed PowerPoint template tailored to support startups in the blockchain, decentralized applications, and cryptocurrency sectors. Whether your focus is on DeFi, NFTs, or other Web3 innovations, this template enables you to effortlessly create high-quality slides for your Web3 venture — check it out here.

Web3 Pitch Deck - PowerPoint Template for Web 3.0 Startups: close funding, deals, partnerships and more |