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Teladoc Health provides a platform for healthcare providers of all specialties including physicians, dermatologists, nutritionists, and behavioural health specialists, to communicate with patients through phone, video, or app. Patients can get medical help and prescriptions without ever having to visit a doctor physically.

Branded as the country’s first and largest telemedicine company, Teladoc Health was founded in 2002 and has since acquired companies such as BetterHelp in 2015, Best Doctors in 2017, Advance Medical in 2018, and Livongo in 2020. As the market leader, the company commands a 13% market share in the United States. In 2021, Teladoc was active in 130 countries, serving roughly 40 million members. Teladoc is a publicly-traded company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

Despite its dominance and year-over-year expansion, not everything has gone well. Teladoc’s stock dropped more than 6% in an extended trading session on Tuesday (2/22/2022) after reporting a Q4 2021 loss of $11 million, or 7 cents per share, compared to a year-ago loss of $394 million, or $3.07 per share.

The company is counting on Primany360, a primary-care product, to fend off increased competition. Primary360 pairs patients with a care team and tracks their health over time. It serves as a central hub, allowing the team to route patients to various channels as needed, such as Teladoc services and in-network providers. 

“I think we’ve moved rapidly from the awareness phase of virtual care directly into the expectations. And those expectations have increased. They’ve become expectations of whole-person care, not just a point solution for a single condition.” Jason Gorevic said in a recent interview to CNBC.

Teladoc has been using this B2B sales deck to showcase the Primary360 product. Teladoc signed up over 50 healthcare plans as customers using these slides. Let’s take a closer look:

What were the slides in the Teladoc pitch deck?

Browse the exact example slides from the pitch deck that Teladoc used to pitch its Primary360 service.

  1. Product Slide
  2. Traction Slide
  3. Value Proposition Slide

1. Product Slide

Primary360’s pitch deck can be characterized as a sales pitch deck. In contrast to a funding pitch deck, which is used to present a summary of your business, company, and vision in order to attract investment, a sales pitch deck includes an outline of your product or service in order to encourage the audience to buy it.

As such this sales deck is mainly focused on the actual product, with several slides explaining the product’s different merits. Keeping in mind that the human brain processes images 60,000 times quicker than text and that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, the pitch deck makes excellent use of visuals. For example, the product slide uses an eye-catching diagram to explain different care offerings the product covers.

Teladoc Pitch Deck - Product Slide: best pitch deck examples - for healthcare | VIP Graphics

2. Traction Slide

The traction slide is just as critical for multibillion-dollar corporations as it is for startups. In a financing pitch deck, the traction slide usually explains what the company has achieved to-date, whereas a sales deck tends to showcase the marquee brands that trust the product being sold — in either case, a portfolio of well-known corporations as customers can work wonders.

The market impact slide in the Primary360 pitch deck capitalizes on the company’s position as a healthcare service provider to Fortune 500 organizations to establish credibility. Unlike the typical text-heavy slides which could be criticized for being wordy, this slide highlights various company logos and their respective sectors in a simple manner that’s easy on the eyes.

Teladoc Pitch Deck - Market Slide: best pitch deck examples - for healthcare | VIP Graphics

3. Value Proposition Slide

The value proposition slide should summarize of what your business offers to customers and where the company is headed. It should be short, to-the-point, and aligned with your company’s vision. This is an essential point that every deck should cover (whether for a sales pitch deck or a fundraising / investor presentation), as it demonstrates why customers should / will buy your solution.

Quantifying the benefits of your product with numbers is one of the most convincing approaches to explaining your business’ value proposition. The Teladoc deck takes this approach with a “by-the-numbers” summary showcasing six different statistics demonstrating the measurable results of using Primary360:

Teladoc Pitch Deck - Value Proposition Slide: best pitch deck examples - for healthcare | VIP Graphics

How-to create your own pitch deck like Teladoc

We hope you found the Primary360 pitch deck interesting and that it has provided you with insight into how a billion-dollar company might pitch their product. If you’d like to, you can bookmark all the slides at

No matter if you are pitching for funding to investors or selling your product to a business, a well-crafted pitch deck will help you in presenting your vision appropriately.

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