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Learn how to build a winning contact slide for your pitch deck with this step-by-step guide.

The contact slide is often overlooked by the founders but it’s a crucial part of any pitch deck. Every well-designed presentation should end with a call-to-action: for pitch decks, it’s a good idea to include the contact information for the founders &/or fundraising lead. To understand the purpose of a contact slide, just think from the perspective your audience:

A contact slide makes it easy for prospective investors, partners, or customers to easily reach out to you for next steps – including multiple contact options such as phone, website, and social media is suggested. Your audience likely sees hundreds of pitches: make it easy for them to take action when they are interested & eliminate any possible friction. A contact slide should be included in all sorts of presentations (not just pitch decks) to enable easy communication and feedback from your audience.

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How to create a contact slide for your pitch deck

Follow along with this brief guide for what you should include in your pitch deck’s contact slide:

Pitch Deck Guide: Contents of Great Slides

1. Content of the contact slide

  • A clear call-to-action (ie. request financials, etc.)
  • Contact information (email address + phone number)
  • Social media channels (only choose your most active)
  • Company website
Pitch Deck Guide: Key Questions to Address for Great Slides

2. Questions the contact slide should address

  • Who should interested parties contact to learn more?
  • Where can they follow your company online?
  • Where can they learn more about your company?
Pitch Deck Guide: Common Mistakes to Avoid

3. Common contact slide blunders

  • The hackneyed “Thank you” slide with no clear CTA
  • Too many CTAs (don’t confuse prospects that are ready to close)
  • Failing to include phone or email contact information
  • Not offering clear next steps for interested parties
Pitch Deck Guide: Design Tips for Great Slides

4. Design tips for contact slides

  • Use no more than <120 characters of text
  • Choose clear, readable fonts and colors
  • Keep it concise & to-the-point (see Guy Kawasaki‘s 10/20/30 rule)
Inspiration from the experts

Example pitch deck contact slides from Airbnb, Uber & more

The best contact slides offer a clear CTA and next steps so interested parties can immediately take action. Most contact slides include the founder or CEO’s name, title, and phone or email contact information.

Below are some examples of winning contact slides from pitch decks for household names like Airbnb, Uber, and Sequoia Capital:

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