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Seam Social is a Web3 social platform bringing back the customization of MySpace and the community of Facebook Groups. The block development SDK is open-source, allowing anyone to create custom features and themes for themselves and their friends. Users can also create mini social profiles for Web3 games to share their NFTs, add friends, and embed playlists directly in-game.

Founded in 2022 by former Meta engineer Nick Confrey, Seam wants to fill gaps between what consumers wanted from social media and what Facebook could deliver with its scale and ads business. For instance, Nick explained, users wanted to customize their profiles more, but Facebook’s website was closed source.

“A lot of the sharing that we’re doing online is shifting into these smaller, more curated private spaces,” Confrey said.

In addition, Seam is pioneering a new business model for social media. Rather than making money by selling advertising and collecting user data, Seam hosts a marketplace of user-created mini-apps, themes, and templates. Users earn Seam Points and then spend them on profile customizations like unlocking the mini-apps made by their friends.

“By changing the business model of social media from advertising, which is so prevalent today, to a user-owned and generated marketplace, we switch our incentive towards empowering people to create more interesting and expressive experiences. Finally, users can remix the internet, causing Seam to become the most customizable social network,” said Nick.

Seam Social has completed a $2.5 million seed funding round led by 1kx, with participation from Seed Club, Sfermion, f7 Ventures, and Social Graph Ventures. The funds raised will be used to establish a market, attract developers to create new mini-applications, launch mobile applications, and expand the team to create customizable and user-owned social media.

Check out Seam Social’s 10-slide seed round pitch deck below:

What were the slides in the Seam Social pitch deck?

Browse the exact example slides from the pitch deck that Seam Social used to raise a $2.5M Seed round led by 1kx.


  1. Roadmap Slide
  2. Contact Slide
  3. Traction Slide

1. Roadmap Slide

Founders often believe that investors prioritize trending market segments, compelling stories, or genuinely useful products. However, the reality is that investors are primarily seeking a return on their investment (after all, that is their fiduciary duty to their LPs). The more clearly a startup can demonstrate the path to profitability or an exit, the more appealing it becomes to investors. This is where the roadmap slide becomes crucial.

The main purpose of the roadmap slide is to offer a straightforward depiction of the startup’s journey toward profitability or an exit plan. By offering a timeline that outlines past accomplishments, current initiatives, and future plans, this slide enables investors to understand where the company has been, where it stands, and where it is headed. The roadmap slide should feature key milestones with simple date ranges, outlining what has been accomplished, what is currently underway, and what lies ahead.

Seam Social’s roadmap slide serves as a good example. It concisely illustrates the product’s progress in 2023 and outlines future steps without overwhelming the audience with excessive details. The design is both simple and intuitive, contributing to a clear understanding of the startup’s journey:


Seam Social Pitch Deck - Roadmap Slide: Best pitch deck examples - $2.5M seed round for web3 social media | VIP Graphics

2. Contact Slide

The Ask Slide serves a crucial purpose in clearly communicating the funding sought and providing investors with a transparent understanding of how their investment will be utilized. The ask slide should enable prospective investors to grasp not only the ask amount and a breakdown of the use of funds, but also how the investment will translate into tangible value through product milestones, customer acquisitions, and revenue growth.

Seam Social’s ask slide stands out for its effective design, simplicity, and content. It adeptly avoids common mistakes often seen in ask slides, such as not specifying the fundraising amount or omitting specific details on fund utilization.

While the slide excels, there is room for improvement by visualizing the use of funds through categorization. One approach could involve incorporating a pie chart highlighting the main spending categories, along with the corresponding percentage and dollar amount allocated to each. Including a brief explanation of what each category aims to achieve would further enhance clarity.

Seam Social Pitch Deck - The Ask Slide: Best pitch deck examples - $2.5M seed round for web3 social media | VIP Graphics


3. Traction Slide

The Traction Slide stands out as arguably the most crucial element in any pitch deck. Without traction, a startup remains nothing more than a concept, and the absence of a traction slide creates a hurdle for potential investors trying to answer a pivotal question — is there validated demand for your products or services?

In the case of very early-stage startups, like Seam Social, where substantial traction might be lacking, the temptation to divert investor attention elsewhere can be strong. However, this strategy poses the risk of investors questioning the credibility of the idea, and in the worst-case scenario, wondering if there are undisclosed challenges faced by the business.

Seam Social’s pitch deck effectively navigates this challenge by maximizing the impact of the early traction the platform has achieved. The traction slide incorporates pertinent statistics accompanied by images to underscore key points. The design aligns with the company’s branding, maintaining a concise and factual approach while excluding unnecessary details. Seam Social’s traction slide serves as a practical example of how to communicate a startup’s progress to investors using straightforward facts, images, and a clean design.

Seam Social Pitch Deck - Traction Slide: Best pitch deck examples - $2.5M seed round for web3 social media | VIP Graphics

How-to create your own pitch deck like Seam Social

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Although it probably goes without saying that having a successful business (outside just their pitch deck) was integral to their success, it is critical for any startup to ensure your vision is portrayed properly. That’s where crafting the perfect pitch deck comes essential: 

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